How To Build Any Opportunity FAST!

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have used webinars over the past 5 years to help me sell various programs I have promoted. In fact, I attribute a large percentage of my success to webinars! As you may know by now, I have been able to earn six figures with many different direct mail opportunities. I figured out how to get people coming to you asking to join MY OPPORTUNITY instead of the other way around… See most people are chasing family and friends, spamming their links, posting in FB groups and getting no where. I found out it doesn’t work and here is why…

People don’t want to be sold! Give them a reason why they need what you have and your problems are solved! What’s been my secret weapon? WEBINARS!

Here’s what I have always done:

  • I post ads or did some form of marketing {Solo ads, Facebook, Youtube, etc.} to advertise the various business I was promoting. My advertising would generate a LOT of leads. (I’m going to teach you how to do this with ease).
  • Once I gather 200-400 leads I would send them a email about the webinar and tell them exactly why they need to attend. (You will have the emails to send out inviting your guest).
  • I would then invite my leads to attend a live webinar for whatever program I was promoting and I would also put up a picture in my Story section on FB promoting the webinar. I would send out at least 3-4 webinar invitations to my prospects. Many of my prospects would then register and attend the webinar.
  • I would conduct the webinar.
  • I would then get sign ups and phone calls continuously over the next few days after the webinar to answer questions and collect the decision- MAKE THE SALE.

I started using this method in 2017 and have been able to save a lot of time and money using webinars over and over again. This is a very effective strategy that can make you a small fortune and save you a ton of money!

I would typically spend less than $100 per week on advertising to generate my leads. This would get me a couple of hundred leads per week {on average}. And I would usually end up getting 60-80 webinar attendees. This would typically get me 7-10 sales. And I was also building a MASSIVE LIST of prospects! Not to mention, earning A LOT OF MONEY and making a HUGE return on my advertising dollars!


Here’s something else you should know; many members from multiple programs I promote became members after they attended one of my webinars and that’s why it’s so important to show up to webinars and invite others.

Webinars Work Period!

Now you have a great opportunity to implement this proven strategy to build your business, increase sales & profits!

I have created a “On-Demand Webinar” that I can customize for YOU! Honestly, I think it’s the BEST webinar I have ever created!

This webinar has been making a tremendous amount of sales for me and the members that use webinars. There is a one-time cost of $297.

 You should know that your custom Webinar will pay for itself MANY TIMES over in 2020!  My webinars have always been VERY EFFECTIVE for making sales. Members that have their own Custom Webinars are by far TOP PRODUCERS within their organization. Just one extra sale made will cover the cost of your Custom Webinar! But YOU WILL MAKE FAR MORE than one sale by sending your prospects a link to your Custom Webinar.

Here’s exactly what you will do to make sales for your business using the Custom Webinar I create for you:

  • You will post your ads like normal & advertise your business using whatever methods you want to use {Solo ads, Classified ads, Social Media etc}.
  • As your leads come in, you will send them the email template That i will provide. This email template is very well written and has a strong call to action watch your webinar!
  • That’s it! Once your prospects watches your “Custom On-Demand Webinar,” they will automatically be redirected to your Landing Page. Many will buy after they have watched your webinar!

You won’t need to wait for webinars from your company anymore! You will be able to get your own Custom Webinar in front of your prospects IMMEDIATELY!

Here’s a link to the custom webinar I created: Click Here To Watch Now

Of course, yours will be customized with your personal contact information and your company sales funnel info.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • A Custom On-Demand Webinar with a unique URL {you’ll want to get a domain name specifically for your Custom Webinar}. I suggest a .biz which will cost you around $7 dollars
  • Your custom webinar will be uploaded to your own YouTube Channel that will host your new webinar. NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEE FOR HOSTING!
  • Since you will have your own YouTube Channel, you can add more sales/promotional videos to your channel as you see fit. This is an excellent way to promote your business, build your brand and promote any other offers you have to share!
  • I will provide you with a specific email template to use which has been working GREAT! You will simply email ALL prospects that respond to your ads the email template I provide, that will include a direct link to your new Custom Webinar! This is a VERY EFFECTIVE sales strategy that works! PERIOD!

I can’t stress enough how effective my webinars are for converting prospects to paying customers. I have used this strategy for over years to help me sell the various programs I have promoted. And I have taught this strategy to my students and to members of my various organizations because it is so effective.

Please allow 3-5 business days from the day you place your order, for me to complete your Custom Webinar. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Custom Webinar at

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