How To Use Custom Images

Important Notes

  • Your custom image will be drawn exactly as shown in the image you provide
  • If you would like anything different from the image you provide please be sure to include that in your email below
  • Please consider clothing colors, arm position, facial expressions, etc…
  • We are unable to revise or change images for details that are not provided in your original request.

Purchase A Custom Image – $69

After your payment is made, please send an email to with the following information:

Email Subject: Custom Avatar Image Purchased

Copy and paste the email below with your information included:

I have just purchased the Custom CaricatureĀ  Image. Below is my information:

My Full Name:

My Phone Number:

My Email Address:

My Payment Method: [Google Pay or Zelle]

My Payment Email (or Payment Name for Zelle):

Date Payment Sent:

Anything you would like that is different from the image provided: