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  • 100% User Friendly
  • Easy To Implement
  • Works For Any Opportunity
  • Never Run Out Of Prospects
  • Eliminate Massive Expenses
  • Custom Marketing Resources
  • No Selling Required
  • Proven To Get Results!

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You’re In The Right Business…

If you’re looking to create a supplemental income or full time income, very few businesses can match the income potential of a direct mail or post card business.

There are lots of MAJOR advantages such as:

  • Direct mail has one of the highest returns on investment (only a 1% difference when compared to social media!)
  • However, unlike social media you have your prospects undivided attention…
  • In a time when others are using ineffective online marketing strategies there is far less competition with effective direct mail systems…
  • With the right approach you can power-boost your business when you combine direct mail and online marketing…
  • 57% of people have reported receiving mail makes them feel more valued…
  • 73% of people say the prefer direct mail advertising to other methods…

So Why Do So Many People Struggle?

My name is Amanda Wray. I’ve been involved with direct mail for over 6 years. When I started my first direct mail business I had no audience, no online following, no friends and family who were remotely interested in starting their own business and I still managed to generate over $100,000 in my first 14 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of struggles, challenges and was completely on my own.

So why do some people experience the full potential and benefits of their Direct Mail business while other’s completely struggle to get any results?

There’s 3 main reasons:

Not Knowing What To Do – This is by far the biggest challenge people face. It’s not that people are lazy or are not willing to do the work, it’s just a matter of not knowing what to do. If you’re not sure where to start or have more questions than directions it’s extremely challenging to get your business off the ground. 

No Audience – This is exactly how I started and without knowing where to find people who are looking for what you have to offer you won’t be able to find customers, business partners or interested prospects.

Lack of Funds – One of the main reasons people start a Direct Mail or Post Card based business is to change their financial situation. If you spend every dime you have to get started and run out of money to fund your advertising or buy the resources you need, then you’re business is dead in the water. Of course, there’s a much better way to do this than relying on an endless money pit that requires a massive budget to keep growing.

Using Ineffective Company Resources – This is something that very few people talk about and it’s also the one factor that every successful Entrepreneur I know uses.

So why don’t people talk about this? Well, maybe because it makes your company A LOT of money, however, that doesn’t do much for your bank account.

If you’re using the same old company resources that every other business owner in your opportunity is using then you’re just another face in the crowd yelling “me too”. At the core of your business is YOU. So why would you use resources that brand the opportunity instead of using resources that brand (and sell) YOU.

No, you don’t have your face all over YouTube or do crazy things to get people’s attention… but you do need to be at the core of your business. People do business with other people and when others are able to see that you’re a real person, with a real business that offers a real opportunity… half the battle is won.

And It’s Not Your Fault…

If you’ve experienced any of these roadblocks that cause people to lose motivation, go broke before they get started or just flat out give up then I want you to know… It’s Not Your Fault.

This isn’t something that companies teach you. They want to inspire you and motivate you to get results… but when companies fail to talk about the real challenges people face it doesn’t do any good…

That’s Why I’m Going To Solve Every Problem For You…

How exactly can I do that?

By giving you my PERSONAL solutions to every problem I’ve faced and walk you through getting your business off the ground, every step of the way. I’m going to give you every tool I’ve used to market my own Direct Mail Business. Everything, including:

  • Every tool I’ve personally used to get daily leads, prospects and sales for my own business…
  • Every approach on how I approach cold market leads and convert the qualified prospects into “On Fire” business partners…
  • I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly what I do on a daily basis to get results in my business so you can copy everything I do for your own business (even if you’re just getting started)
  • The proven resources that I send out to every prospect, potential customer, and business partner…
  • Professionally designed templates that I’ve paid BIG BUCKS to have created that work like a charm for you to use for yourself…
  • Up to date resources and updates, so when I change my approach or find something that works better you can model, adopt or straight out copy what I do for your own business…
  • And that’s just the beginning…

And I’ve put this all in one central place for you…

Introducing My Direct Mail Solution Membership…

Copy everything I do to build your own Direct Mail / Post Card Business!

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My $100,000 Cover Letter

As a member of My Direct Mail Solution, I’m going to give you access to the exact cover letter that has generated me over $100K (and continues to generate daily sales) for you to customize and use for your own business! This is a LIMITED TIME BONUS.

Results Calendar & Step by Step Action Guide

I’m going to give you access to my personal results calendar that keeps me productive and focused on growing everyday. This comes with a step by step action guide that I follow exactly that will tell you exactly what to do each day. Use it daily!

Up To 200 Professional Custom Letters

You’ll get up to 200 professionally designed letters customized to promote YOUR business and offer. We’ve done the hard work of figuring out what works and we’re going to use it for your benefit.

Custom Sales-Converting Website

One of the biggest mistakes that Direct Mail and Post Card professionals make is using the same old company resources that every other person in the business is using. As a member you’ll get access to our proven-to-convert custom sales website branded to YOU to help get sales for YOUR business.

Traffic Sources That Convert

Getting in front of the right audience is critical and not all audiences are interested in your offer. When you choose the wrong traffic source, it’s like trying to sell steak to a vegetarian… it’s not going to work. Whether you need high quality free traffic sources or want the top 3 traffic sources I personally use for my business, as a member we’ve got you covered.

Ongoing Training & Support

If there’s one thing that separates hard work from smart work, it’s information. Those who have the most up-to-date information have the greatest advantage. As a member you’ll have access to private webinars and training showing you the most effective ways to build your Direct Mail and Post Card business offline and online.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Limited Time Founding Member Pricing Will Be Removed Without Notice

*These are physical items that will be shipped to your mailing address. Order instructions in Member’s Area. A single $7.50 shipping fee applies.

Limited Time Founding Member Pricing Will Be Removed Without Notice

*These are physical products that will be shipped to your mailing address. Order instructions in Member’s Area. A single $7.50 shipping fee applies.